Why Country Boy Construction to Renovate your Home?

The Country Boy Construction “Value Proposition”

Communication with our Customers:

We know that living in a Home with Renovations & Repairs being done is disruptive to your everyday Life.  You will get a schedule that you can depend on.  Renovations are not an exact science, and we plan our work to “expect the unexpected” and make continuous adjustments to our schedule to make the least amount of disruption to our Customer.

The Devil is in the Details!

Our attention to Detail starts with your Contract & Scope of Work. Your Contract will list what’s included, not included, and how we will handle Changes to the Project.  We understand that our Customers sometimes change their mind once the project starts and we try to accommodate you as best as possible.  Changes will frequently change the schedule and adjustments will be made there as well.

We are Dependable

Our Customers appreciate our Dependability.  We show up on time and expect the same from our Subcontractors & Suppliers.  Everyone in the process is held Accountable.